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'Tis the holiday season! It's time to buy tiny little overpriced trees on the streets of New York, dream of sugarplums and Nutelasagna, and cyber-shop for our little loved ones. Here are some holiday gift ideas for the budding science enthusiasts in your life:

For the wee oceanographer: The Art of Nature coloring book, filled with beautiful vintage-inspired illustrations ($13.69) + handknit stuffed octopus, to have close at hand while coloring away ($68.00)

For the wee biologist: Super Sunprint Kit (remember these?!), to create fridge-worthy prints of leaves and flowers ($15.99) + Carson BigEye magnifier, to make discoveries in the dirt while the sunprints are percolating ($12.00)

For the wee explorer: The book of Maps, with lovely illustrated maps and tiny cartoons of indigenous wildlife ($20.88) + Melissa & Doug backyard explorer set, to map out the local flora and fauna in the backyard (if you have one of those) ($24.84)

For the wee science illustrator: 20 Ways to Draw a Tree, the doodler's guide to all things natural ($15.47) + Big Art set, with all the tools needed to make beautiful works of art ($30.50)

For the wee chemist: The World's Most Ridiculously Excellent Science Coloring and Activity Book, with scientifically accurate, laughably age-inappropriate illustrations ($10.80) + periodic table blocks, to build with the actual building blocks of life ($34.99)

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