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Happy New Year everyone! It's 2015. The year Oregon Trail comes back (for free!) online. The year of some pretty fantastic looking movie adaptations. And the year we stop using foam takeout containers in New York. Methinks it's going to be a great year.

Maybe this will be the year I keep my New Year's resolution. (Question mark?) I resolved to become vegetarian two years ago. That endeavor lasted 8 and a half days. (I ate some chicken noodle soup on day 8.5.) Last year I vowed to go to the gym every day. That also lasted about a week.

I'm not alone in my failure. About 70% of resolvers are continuously successful for a week. After six months, only 46% are successful. And after one year, a pathetic 8% are still on track with their resolutions. How do the 8% manage to do it? Here's what the internet told me: Step 1 - set a realistic, measurable goal. Step 2 - make a plan. Step 3 - minimize your own resistance to said plan. Oh and step 4 - expect to mess up. Finally, step 5 (this one's optional) - watch this series of TED talks and get inspired!


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