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Snow in Central Park

It is cold out. I mean, really cold. So cold my phone no longer recognizes my fingers. So cold my eyes tear up and my nostrils sting like crazy. Here's an idea...let's get cozy with some wintery eco-minded goodies!

1 - MIITO "kettle", for a completely energy efficient individual spot of tea (patent pending). But while we wait for MIITO to come on the market, how about a beautiful handcrafted copper tea kettle from abc home? ($350.00) Le sigh.

2 - Alwych all weather notebook, to jot down your thought of the day while braving the elements (the cover is weather resistant!) ($28.00).

3 - Vitamin D, which although not technically "eco-friendly", may be entirely necessary in the dark winter months (365 capsules for $36.50).

4 - Striped alpaca wool throw, for snuggling up in your favorite chair. Each cozy throw blanket is handmade in Ecuador by fair trade artisans ($98.00).

5 - Nice Laundry cotton socks, to cover your tootsies in style. You can send in your old socks for complimentary recycling! (Nice idea, Nice Laundry.) (6 pairs for $49.00)


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