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Spring beauty

Based on the severity of my seasonal allergies (refer to: the pollen tsunami), spring is certainly in full swing! Here are some eco-chic beauty goods to stuff into your spring purse (right next to the allergy meds):

1 - Coola mineral sunscreen, for your daily sun protection (SPF 30). Organic, antioxidant-rich, and preservative-free. Great for sensitive skin! ($36.00)

2 - Boscia blotting linens, to blot away forehead shine. Made from 100% abaca tree fiber. ($10.00 for 100 sheets)

3 - Ilia lip exfoliator, for silky smooth lips. Contains volcanic stone powder blended with organic ingredients. Follow up with lip moisturizer. ($26.00)

4 - Tata Harper lip treatment, to condition your lips. Natural, cruelty-free, and antioxidant-rich. ($28.00)

5 - Nest perfume rollerball in Dahlia & Vines, to smell like peonies and garden vines. Made in the U.S.A. And the packaging is just so pretty! ($25.00)

6 - Jurlique rosewater mist, to hydrate and soften skin. And smell like a rose garden. Organic, natural, and pesticide-, herbicide-, and insecticide-free. ($24.00)

7 - butter LONDON nail polish in Kerfuffle, for peachy pink nail color without any formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, or parabens. Remember - always use a base coat! ($15.00)

If you’re doing some spring cleaning this holiday weekend (in addition to your spring preening) and you live on the Isle of Manhattan, consider donating your old clothes and other assorted, preloved sundries through the NYC Stuff Exchange.


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