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Yesterday was the 11th annual Puppy Bowl! Oh and also the Super Bowl. I wasn't blown away by the commercials this year like I was in years past. (Remember this one?) But there was one commercial that stood out - to me, at least. It was the Always "Like a Girl" ad. I thought it was sweet. And empowering to young ladies. (Wouldn't it be great if we could redefine the phrase "like a girl"? Make it less insulting?) But none of my friends at the Super Bowl party felt the same way. Least of all the other girls. There were sneers and guffaws. And remarks like, "Those young girls are so naive". It made me wonder. Were my friends really so self-critical and deprecating? Or were they just trying to be funny? Maybe both. According to a study in Evolutionary Psychology, self-deprecating humor - particularly in women of high social status - is considered "especially attractive". Game-Day food for thought.

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