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The place: the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. And the quantum multiverse. The characters: Roland, an artisanal beekeeper, whatever that is (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Marianne, a theoretical physicist (Ruth Wilson). The plot: Boy meets girl. Simple enough. Then boy meets girl - with slight modifications - over and over again in an infinity of parallel universes.

I haven't seen many plays, but I loved "Constellations". It was short and sweet and smart. And heartbreaking somehow. (Time and space are infinite, but Roland and Marianne's relationship is fleeting. No matter the timeline or universe.) It was inspired by a NOVA documentary, The Elegant Universe, about string theory. (Watch this quick TED talk for a primer on the theory of all things string-y.) If you want to check out this impressively beautiful drama about higher physics, you need to hurry. The show closes on March 15!

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