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On this beautifully sunshiny – but soon to be drizzly – Earth Day, let’s talk about water.

As you probably know, California is suffering from a massive, historic drought. Residents across the state are rationing their water resources. And almond farmers are getting some heat (climate pun intended) for their water-gulping crops, also known as “drought villains”. But almonds and other nuts aren’t the only foods drinking up our precious water reserves. It takes over 106 gallons of water to produce one ounce of beef. And over 76 gallons of water to produce one ounce of chickpeas. (Take a look at this amazing interactive graphic!) But you’re in luck if you enjoy a good, wholesome cricket supper. It takes only a gallon of water to produce a whole pound of crickets.

In other water-related news, the non-profit foundation Liter of Light is making light of old plastic water bottles. Literally. Volunteers take recycled bottles and make eco-friendly light bulbs for families living without electricity. Turns out, all you need to make a “solar bottle bulb” is water, bleach, and sunshine. Install it through the roof, and just let the sunshine refract into the room. Want to help out? You can donate or volunteer with Liter of Light. You can also check out these simple tips to save water in your own home. (Who knew! It’s more efficient to use a dishwashing machine than to wash dishes by hand.) Just try to refrain from swimming through a polluted waterway, even if it is for a good cause.

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