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I love going to the Comedy Cellar. (Insider tip: If you go on a Wednesday night, sometimes famous comedians show up unannounced. I recently saw Amy Schumer aaaaand Louis C. K. the same show ...for only $14.00 cover. Amazing.) It's a good thing I like to laugh. It turns out laughter does a body good. Not only does it reduce tension, increase endorphins, and increase "attractiveness to others" in the short-term, it can also increase immunity in the long-run! Also - and this is weird - even fake-smiling can improve your mood. It's called the "facial feedback hypothesis". According to a study from 1988, when you hold a pen in your teeth (i.e., when you force a smile), cartoons suddenly become funnier. And based on a recent study from 2009, when you receive Botox injections in the muscle used for frowning and then you try to make an "angry face", you will not actually feel so angry (due to decreased activation of the left amygdala and brainstem). So, I will leave you with this delightful nugget of comedy gold. Feel free to start fake-smiling before you watch. You're welcome.

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