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Science lecturer

Today's scientist of the day teaches undergraduate students how to think critically and scientifically about the world around them. She teaches general science, with topics ranging from bacteria to black holes! Also, she's an amazing person. Here are 5 things you didn't know about her:

1 - Before she became a scientist, she worked as a birthday party clown. Her talents included singing and making adorable balloon animals.

2 - She eats snails. With marinara sauce. She also eats cake for breakfast. (Woman after my own heart.)

3 - She loves to rock climb near her hometown at La Pedriza, a natural park with beautifully eroded, enormous granite rock formations.

4 - She enjoys Sevillanas dancing, a kind of folk dancing influenced by Flamenco.

5 - She was once featured in Glamour España magazine as the "Most Prepared Woman" in her discipline.


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