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Packaging engineer

This lovely lady is a packaging engineer at a major cosmetics company. She examines makeup packaging artwork, ergonomics, and compatibility, and she chooses which tests to perform to assess the strength of packaging and makeup – like the “hinge breakage test” (to see how much force is required to break a compact) or the “inclined plane test” (to test the integrity of pressed powders). She is also a really good friend. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about her:

1 - In middle school, she came in 16th place (!) in the National Spelling Bee. She had to spell words like spirogyra and rurigenous. One of her competitors had to spell the letter “H”. (Eightch?)

2 - She went skydiving a few years ago on Long Island. When she jumped, she was “strapped to some guy like a little baby.” (Wow she's brave - that sounds terrifying.)

3 - She loves to play golf. Some day, she wants to retire in a golf community.

4 - She has a passion for traveling the world and immersing herself in cultures that are completely different from her own. She's visited four continents (and counting).

5 - She ran the NYC marathon! “It was amazing. I’ll never run another one.”


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