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Science writer

This beautiful lady is a science writer at a medical communications agency. She creates content about pharmaceutical products to help educate doctors and she performs competitive analyses (which she calls “pharma espionage”) to improve the company’s marketing strategies. She is also a dear, dear friend. Here are 5 things you didn't know about her:

1 - “I’m a decent runner,” she says. She’s being modest - she crushed a half marathon and ran the full Philadelphia marathon. (Also, she ran circles around me in high school track.)

2 - She’s really into breakfast foods. She has a Pinterest board entitled, "One True Love". It's about pancakes.

3 - Some day, she wants to renovate a forever home. Genevieve-style.

4 - She has a mild fear of dish sponges. (Um, she has a point – a moist, stagnant kitchen sponge can harbor bacterial pathogens like Salmonella or E. coli. So unless you regularly sanitize the sponge in your sink, it’s probably dirtier than your toilet seat.)

5 - She finds inspiration in nature. And she loves to capture moments in the natural world with her camera. The coolest thing in nature she’s photographed: a bumblebee in flight!

Bumblebee in flight


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