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Graduate student

Today’s scientist o’ the day is a graduate student who studies biological oceanography. In his research, he uses gene and genome sequencing techniques to understand how communities of phytoplankton interact with each other in the ocean. He also happens to be my amazing office mate! Here are 5 things you didn’t know about him:

1 - When he was a college student, he wrote one novel every year, “just for fun”. Like a true writer!

2 - He loves to cook because (a) he thinks following a recipe protocol feels very scientific, (b) he loves sharing his foodie creations with other people, and (c) he really likes eating.

3 - His favorite part of being a grad student? Talking science! He loves to grab a beer and communicate with non-scientists about the Earth, the ocean, and all things plankton.

4 - He’s gone scuba diving in Barbados, the Florida Keys, shark-infested waters of Tahiti, and a pool in Times Square.

5 - He’s a morning person. He looks forward to waking up before the sunrise and making some coffee. (That makes one of us…) He actually used to roast his own coffee beans! But he stopped because it "made [his] apartment smell like Pringles".

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