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Happy springtime! Let's celebrate by bringing the woodlands into the kitchen! Here are some eco-chic kitchen goodies featuring cuddly woodland creatures:

1 - Cotton tea towel from Terrain, with a pretty illustration of a seemingly-innocent-but-probably-pretty-wily fox ($20.00).

2 - Vintage porcupine toothpick holder by Ghost Creek, perfect for the artisanal cheese board at your next cocktail party ($24.00).

3 - Hand-painted porcelain teacup by Teacup Co, featuring an adorable bright-eyed Bambi. Just. So. Cute. ($35.00)

4 - Robin's egg soaps by Gianna Rose Atelier, delicate French-milled soaps nested in a glass apothecary jar ($48.00).

5 - Vintage winking owl cookie jar by Shawnee from Sugar Scout, straight from the enchanted forest - and the 1940s ($220.00).

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