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School's back in session! The youths in the new batch of grad students are all fresh-faced, happy-go-lucky, overly-enthused. And other hyphenated adjectives. I guess that means I'm officially old. But I can still go back-to-school shopping! Here are some chic, eco-friendly school supplies in my favorite color (green) that make me feel young again:

1 - Coilbound "decomposition" notebook by Michael Roger from Bookbinders, featuring soy-ink-printed emerald green microscopes on the cover! Made in the USA with chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper ($8.00).

2 - The Seven Year Pen from Seltzer Goods, with a camping-inspired, olive green print on the outside and a gigantic ink cartridge inside. This pen can write 1.7 meters per day for seven years, whaaa? Helps reduce the insane number of disposable pens - 1.6 billion - that Americans throw away every year ($8.95).

3 - Takenaka bento lunchbox from Little Boutique - BPA-free, lead-free, and deliciously minty green. Comes with a fork and a removable partition ($38.00).

4 - S'well reusable water bottle, made of 18/8 double-walled stainless steel and featuring a soothing tropical design in "Waikiki" green. Claims to hold an entire bottle of wine annnnd keep it cold for 24 hours ($45.00). S'well partners with UNICEF to improve access to clean drinking water around the world!

5 - Zip backpack by Joshu + Vela, hand-crafted in San Francisco with waxed cotton twill. In a handsome olive green fabric with US-tanned leather accents ($330.00).

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