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Science books from 2016

The holiday season is in full swing! I already hung up some string lights and watched the movie Elf (twice). Now it's time to get gifting! Here are some gift ideas for science-lovers-slash-avid-readers. Each gift list pairs one of the best science books of 2016 with a couple smaller, themed gifts. Season's readings!

For the microbiology lover: I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong, a New York Times bestseller and nonfiction about the essential, ubiquitous partnerships between humans and our invisible microbes. The microbiome is so hot right now. ($18.15) + Rhinovirus microbe stuffed animal by GIANTmicrobes, because who wouldn't want a cuddly plush toy shaped like the common cold virus? ($9.95) + Bits & Bobs glass container by HAY, a cool, colored glass catch-all shaped like a petri dish!!! ($15.00)

For the sci-fi lover: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, a science fiction thriller that begins with the abduction of a community college physics professor and proceeds in a frantic chase through the multiverse. This book was delightful - I completely devoured it. And it reminded me of Constellations. ($16.19) + Stranger Things coffee mug by The Foxy Hipster, because mornings are for coffee and contemplation. And Eggos I guess. ($14.00) + Preorder Arrival HD, a rare breed of sci-fi film that's gripping and heart-wrenching and emotionally compelling. An instant classic. ($14.99)

For the astronomy lover: Rise of the Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt, a nonfiction and fascinating true story about the women of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory - also known as "human computers" - who made American space exploration possible. ($17.02) + Astronaut Neapolitan ice cream, to satisfy your freeze-dried space food cravings. ($5.85) + Solar system cutting board, for a sobering reminder that Pluto was demoted to "dwarf planet" while you dice your onions. ($30.90)

For the Earth science lover: Lab Girl by Hope Jahren, a national bestseller and memoir-slash-botany-textbook filled with insight and eloquence about Hope's experience as a female scientist. And poetic descriptions of the secret lives of plants. ($17.25) + Climage change mug from PBS, just add a hot beverage and watch sea levels rise! ($12.99) + Leather rock holder from Nordstrom, to hold your favorite rock. May or may not be some bizarre joke among the filthy rich. ($85.00)

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