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Inside Brake & Rumble

If you ever find yourself wandering the streets of America's Finest City with a hankering for some sustainable home decor, here's your game plan: Start your stroll in South Park and swing by Brake & Rumble, Gold Leaf, and Make Good. Then, head over to North Park, caffeinate yourself at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, and check out Geographie and Pigment. Happy window-shopping! (Oh, and happy Fourth!)

Brake & Rumble: Such a sweet little eclectic shop run by a husband and wife team! And it's filled with some very sweet vintage finds. Like this Navy parachute bag ($32.00). Or these ol' Coleman lanterns ($75.00 each). Or this wooden machinist's tool chest ($160.00). Obsessed.

Gold Leaf: Really cute boutique with a nice selection of gifts, housewares, and vintage pieces. Check out these small recycled, stackable glasses ($8.50 each). And this hanging rattan basket ($26.00). Um, and how lovely is this handmade hammock ($265.00).

Make Good: Filled with locally-sourced handmade goodies from San Diego and Tijuana. Like this classic striped table runner ($60.00). Or this pretty, hand-crafted wooden bowl ($78.00).

Geographie: Ridiculously cute, sparsely-decorated shop. Check out this vintage pull-down school map of Europe and the USSR ($249.00). Love. Or this gigantic, vintage 1940's cooler (price upon request). Also, this succulent typewriter is straight-up adorable.

Pigment: A modern, well-trafficked space, complete with a selfie booth. Aaaand a plant lab, where you can design and make your own impressive terrariums (prices variable). This vintage luggage set ain't bad either ($450.00).

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