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Here's DIY valentine card idea numéro trois in the countdown to V-Day!

The card: I'd be lost without you (inspired by this card). You will need some brown recycled paper, vellum paper, a map (I used a pretty map of Paris), scissors, glue, and a pen.

What to put inside: A photo from your favorite trip together. Or if you're feeling spendy, maybe a travel confirmation to a romantic destination? Like Paris? Ahhh, Pareee. The City of Lights is ranked the #2 most romantic place on Earth. Obviously. Or for something a little closer to home, check out Charleston, SC. Ranked the #7 most romantic city in the world. Who knew?

The science: A vacation with your loved one might be the best Valentine's Day gift ever. According to a 2012 study, taking a vacation decreases strain in the short-term, increases personal satisfaction in the long-term, and actually improves performance at work. Not only that, downtime is "essential" for us to reflect, process information, and formulate memories. Don't you love science?

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